Take your opportunities and make your career now

New Career Perspectives

Have you ever wondered why some people are more successful than others? The answer is: they have chosen the right career! The primary purpose of career counselling is to support you in exploring and investigating your potential majors and occupations. Internal career counsellors will help you to assess your interests, personality, values and skills, and explore career opportunities.

Unlock Your Potential by Learning from Experience

Mentoring is the development of a one-on-one trustful relationship. Self-driven participants, called Mentees, are paired with Mentors, as experienced supervisors. Mentors share their own experiences around effective use of their potentials to help mentees grow both personally and professionally. It's an inspiring environment where mentees learn at their own pace receiving solid support from their real work environment.

Get a Taste from Other Functions

Job rotation is an opportunity for you to work in another function and contribute to the success. The you can work on a dedicated project for broadening your own experience and to get a taste of what it means to work in different areas. This may help to prepare a potential move in the future.

Become a Great Leader

Every employee deserves a great leader. In Roche, we accompany you on your own way to get there. From your first day of leading in Roche,  you access new manager orientation and dedicated development programs. This builds up your own leadership identity, equips you with different management techniques and skills, enables peer to peer idea exchanges, and supports you in successfully leading a team.

We provide opportunities for all employees to continuously discover, learn, develop and contribute

Seeing You at Career Expo

Career Expo is a brilliant annual event for anyone who wants to gain new perspectives about career development, get in contact with senior leaders & HR professionals to share and reflect ideas on your own career, and extend personal network. It’s easy for you to get in touch with development tools and resources in a vivid way. Welcome to join us and grow with Roche!  

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