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Sale Program — Strategic Selling Program

Learning experience based on action boosts sales business development

Strategic Selling Program is designed for those senior salesmen who have some practical sales experience, making participants realize the pleasure and meaning of systematically analyzing and mastering sales by classroom teaching, after-class practice and continuous coaching.

The project will present sales key elements and meanwhile the blue table analysis it uses is also a classic belief. Blue table provides a chance to roundly and meticulously monitor sales section in at short range, and a rigorous and effective tool to objectively discover the potential risk.

The on-going after-class coaching closely consistent with the business development needs, discussion and meeting blended with real sales cases, will bring individual and team more reflection and value.

Thinking and discussion are the main subjects during class. In a cross-regional team composed of 4~5 people, you will have chance to fully share the experience and doubt met during sales; during the two-day discussion, you will have chance to truly feel the comprehensiveness and systematicness that blue table analysis brings.

Different from other programs, Strategic Selling Program’s after-class coaching reflects the pleasure and benefit learning brings to maximum extent. Salesmen practically put knowledge and skill into work during the sharing, and directly acquire break-through thinking and methods. Team members exchange their thoughts with each other, increasing interaction and tacit understanding. Team leaders participate in the sharing, discover and cultivate members’ ability by heuristic Q&A, and provide them with guidance and support at proper time.

Marketing Program — How to make a Business Plan

Simple and lucid theory, effective technique, syncretic and transferable belief

How to make a business plan is a senior professional development program launched, designed and lectured by company executives, as the company business continuously develops and staff goes from strength to strength, and now it is still mainly lectured by internal lecturers. Its content completely combines the needs of company business with personal ability development, to let participants learn the main idea of the Plan and appreciate profound business belief through effective teaching method.

Joining in this program, participants will do more interaction and discussion, practice and promotion. As a program open to both sales and marketing colleagues, senior lectures deliver knowledge points to participants through explaining profound theories in simple language, and meanwhile, teach them practical technique at class. Participants will get timely feedback and remarks during the following day’s practice, reflecting considerable changes.

The two-day program not only focuses on the elaborating the plan making idea, structure and technique, but also subliming above the theme to share the wit during work, like SWOT analysis, market segmentation, risk control, etc., so that participants can digest and apply to all aspects during work and generate belief that will further affect the business.

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