Recognize & Applause

We believe that everyone at Roche, no matter what they do or where they are, should be recognized on a job well done. Launching Applause is a step to make sure all our colleagues feel valued.

A personalized and meaningful “thank you” underpins that at Roche, our success depends on our people. A “thank you” shows appreciation for the effort and time employees invest.

What is applause and why applause matters:

  • Applause shows appreciation for the effort and time employees invest, encouraging recognition in an easy, timely and memorable way.
  • Applause fosters a culture of frequent feedback and recognition.
  • Applause embodies one of our Leadership Commitments: “I congratulate people for a job well done”.
  • pplause allows any employee to recognize another employee anywhere within Roche group.

We recognize excellent contribution of anyone, by any employee accomplishment or behaviour, providing feedback timely to be more impactful. We congratulate in a transparent, memorable and genuine way, using multiple and different forms, respecting cultural differences, meanwhile highlighting the impact of someone’s contribution.

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