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Taking the first down-to-earth step at the workplace

I'm Haixiang LIU and I’m working as Medical Information Consultant in Roche Pharma China.


At Roche, my job is not just a job for reward, but a career that constantly brings solutions and hopes to patients. Whenever I see the patients’ joy and tears because of the improvements in their conditions, I will be moved and feel more proud of working for Roche.

I'm studying product knowledge with my team

roche, careers, blogs, people, china





In taking the first job, the down-to-earth attitude is the most important.

Our impact

Why Roche?

When I chose my first job, I was confused and at a loss. My expectation for the first job lies in the hope that I can establish my most basic and professional working ability and personal relationship. Multinational enterprises with larger and more international platforms became my first choice. Therefore, I chose to join Roche Pharmaceuticals and became an intern of medical information consultant.

I am well aware that even the same position in different companies varies greatly, especially in case of pharmaceutical salespersons. This position requires me to be always in the front line of the market, deliver new medical information to healthcare people quickly and accurately, and at the same time, I need to absorb more new knowledge to maintain my sensitivity to market trends. On Roche's platform, the high-level academic conferences help me acquire frontier topics, authoritative and professional arguments, and translate them into treatment programs beneficial to patients.


The place to Work

Standing on the shoulders of the giants

As a leading biotechnology company in the world, Roche boasts rich product pipelines and an excellent academic position we are proud of. With the increasing proportion of the Chinese market in Roche’s global market, my workplace has become increasingly broad. Personalized medical care, innovative payment solutions, agile transformation and other new opportunities emerge one after another. Standing on the shoulders of the giants, I have launched more and broader career explorations, and I can also have enough space to give full play to my own ideas.


Our culture

Continuous learning has penetrated my daily work

I used to think that eloquence was critical to a medical representative! However, when I became a medical representative, I found that the knowledge and skills necessary for this position required a long time of accumulation and precipitation. The mastery of professional knowledge of products, the continuous learning of research results or diagnosis and treatment programs, and the application of free communication skills are indispensable. For me who just entered the industry, the ability to learn knowledge and apply it was my compulsory course. At Roche, the resources of this compulsory course permeated all aspects of my work.

Through the Roche WeChat official account and WeChat group, professional think tanks of medical affairs department share new knowledge about products from time to time; some team members also share the academic research materials of new hospitals. Through the internal training platform “Cloud Knows”, training teams provide massive training resources. In addition, our team also has a good learning atmosphere. All team members encourage each other and drive each other to learn more.

In the first quarter of 2020, due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, we got a little spare time, a luxury for us who had been busy. Our team decided to set aside a fixed part of the time to learn new skills. Each member would teach himself a little knowledge about products and market management every day, and then share it with other colleagues through the WeChat group. Team members would take turns to organize online meetings to lead us to learn together. A few weeks later, the epidemic was under control and our work was also back on the right track. But the atmosphere and impetus of learning keep influencing us, and we still organize group meetings.

To learn professional knowledge, practice and improve workplace skills, broaden contacts, I need to constantly drive myself to make continuous progress. Roche provides me with not only resources and platforms, but also a good academic atmosphere. The professional performance of each colleague around me drives me to make continuous efforts every day.

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