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Starting from scratch at Roche, I find my own growth rhythm

My name is Yinghui GUAN and I started as an intern in Roche.

Roche is a company full of humanistic feelings. It is full of compassion and tolerance to employees, customers and patients. Every Roche employee has the same goal: to do his best to benefit patients. The purpose of doing now what patients need next not only influences every colleague, but also attracts more people who have the same empathy for patients. I am one of them.

Our Mission





At Roche, this mission is to benefit more patients.

Our impact

The sense of mission keeps me going

When I was still a college student, I participated in volunteer activities focusing on leprosy patients. We went to the leprosy rehabilitation village, communicated with the convalescents, understand their previous and current disease situations, and social views on them, and transmitted real information to the outside world, so that more people can pay attention to and understand this group of people. In fact, leprosy convalescents are not infectious, but a lot of people still stay away from them. People's fear of and prejudice against leprosy comes from their ignorance about it. My family members are no exception. They did not support me to participate in such voluntary activities at that time.

But for me, I believe that I am doing something valuable to the leprosy patients and the society. This sense of mission always makes me stick to my choice and believe that I can face and overcome any other difficulties.


The place to Work

Mutual help makes career development unlimited

I officially joined Roche less than half a year ago. My career at Roche since my internship has not always been smooth.

As the graduation was drawing near, there was no vacancy in my product group where I worked as an intern. In order to stay at Roche for long-term development, I applied to transfer to the transplant immune team. Changing to another product group and disease area is a big challenge, especially for a novice in the industry. Facing the approaching job transfer interview, I had no idea what questions the interviewers would ask, whether my experience was rich enough, and where I should start to learn new product knowledge. All kinds of uncertain questions flashed through my mind.

However, after learning that I was going to transfer to another team for interview, my former tutors and team members all extended their help and arranged a "simulated interview" for me. After work, they helped me improve my PPT presentation skills and sort out product knowledge, taught me interview skills, and even helped me list the problems that might arise in the interview and discussed them with me one by one.


Our culture

Fault-tolerant, open and inclusive environment

It was not easy for me, a graduate fresh out of college, to start my career in the pharmaceutical industry. I had to learn from scratch customer management, product- and disease-related knowledge, industry status, medicine and product strategy, etc. I often made mistakes and got confused.

However, thanks to Roche’s fault-tolerant, open and inclusive environment, I, a new employee at the workplace, successfully overcame the difficulties in starting, understood the products and market step by step, and found a suitable growth rhythm. In spite of the fact that I was a new employee, my team members would not ask me to do basic business, question my ability or scold me for my mistakes. Instead, they would patiently answer my questions about product information, help me analyze the reasons for the clinical challenges encountered at work, and find out the problems and tell me how to solve similar problems. During the COVID-19 epidemic this year, we made no progress in some projects and got no data, but my manager still encouraged and supported us to make some new attempts, and taught us how to adjust the direction of our work and make breakthroughs in difficulties.

If the experience at the workplace is a game requiring constant progress, Roche’s "novice mode" is the best choice for new comers. Here at Roche I have a group of like-minded partners working together with me, have access to rich resources which lay a solid foundation for my career, and a platform with broad prospects where I can give full play to my ideas and inspirations. Roche is a people-oriented company, where career development is always in your own hands. Once you have a goal, the help you need will follow.

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