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Not only doctors but also Roche can practice medicine to save patients

The gap between patients waiting for organ transplantation and organs available for transplantation exists in every country. Since 2015, the gap has been widening in China. It’s because on January 1 of 2015 the Chinese government announced that only organs voluntarily donated by citizens would be used, leading to a significant decline in organ transplants in that year.

Roche’s transplantation team focuses on how to turn it into a trigger point. It has organized the public welfare publicity on “China’s Organ Donation Day” (June 11) every year, established the registration window for “organ donation volunteers” in Alipay, and supported the Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) to carry out the organ donation education activities in ICUs of hospitals all over the country. Since 2016 the organ donations in China have picked up and kept growing.

Patients first




It is generally known that doctors can practice medicine and save patients. However, adhering to “Patient Focus”, Roche people can also relieve the suffering of patients in their own unique way.

Our impact

Although everyone's influence is very small, just like a stone thrown into Lake Ontario, causing no ripples, it can always make the difference.

As a Roche employee, in the eyes of people around me , I am an oncology expert, or an expert in hepatitis B, rheumatoid and osteoporosis. Through my introduction, they can get the most complete and cutting-edge information on diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. I am such an expert and so are my Roche colleagues.

Although compared with the huge population in Chinese mainland, the friends, families, Roche employees can influence  are very limited. However, we always use our professional capabilities to provide the latest information for those in need, just like ripples in the water.

Thanks to the influence of Roche, pathological typing and genotyping of breast cancer and lung cancer have been achieved. Thanks to the influence of Roche, B-cell lymphoma can be cured. Thanks to the influence of Roche, children with systemic juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (sJRA) can go to school like normal children. Every Roche employee engaged in the first-line clinical work is devoted to broadening and deepening the influence and every Roche employee supporting the first-line clinical work tries his or her best to make the influence more far-reaching.


The place to Work

The place you want to go when you wake up every morning must be very desirable.

If there exists a place where you can chat with friends, do physical exercise facing the rising sun or twinkling stars, constantly feel the sense of achievement, have a handsome salary to live a decent life, feel the significance of work, witness the rescue of patients, realize career planning, get integrated into a warm team, share the development achievements of the company, you must want to go to it immediately after you wake up every morning.


Our culture

“Doning now what patients need next” is Roche's purpose. We keep doing our best to maximize access to Roche drugs for patients in China. We have always known that our work for a better life, which in turn stimulates us to work hard.

Roche’s culture is like a towering tree flourishing with luxuriant foliage. It is like a cool breeze spreading into each department at each level of the company. What matched with this culture are innovative thinking, agile response, diversified framework, and inclusive atmosphere, all of which are naturally merged into one.

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