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Meet Yilan Zhang and her team, Roche diagnostics China Special Forces

It is our origin intention and eternal goal to help all the patients in China to get a more accurate report within a shorter time.

I am working in SI(solution integration) team, a relatively new team in Roche Diagnostics China CPS & MD. Our team is set up in 2008 and has now grown up into a mature team, full of new blood and creative minds.

With all the best talents in workflow, lab IT, project management and lean, We always call ourselves “Roche Special Forces”. Each of them works as an expert and just as the old Chinese saying goes, every team member is a “crouching tigers” or “hidden dragon”.

For more than 10 years, we have always been passionate and concentrated, constantly updating our knowledge, learning new skills, trying to provide integrated solutions to laboratories, clinicians and beyond.

Yilan Zhang in work

Our impact

We design lab layouts, optimize lab workflow and provide various consulting services covering automation, information transformation, lean management and six sigma, thus helping China medical laboratories reduce costs, improve efficiency and optimize management.

With the rapid advance of technology, China medical laboratory is also undergoing a revolution, from traditional lab to automated and intelligent lab. As one of the contact window of Roche Diagnostics, we are so proud to dedicate our efforts and innovations to this great process. It is our origin intention and eternal goal to help all the patients in China to get a more accurate report within a shorter time.


The place to Work

I have been working in Roche for more than 12 years, and I’m always impressed by our people-oriented management philosophy.

With the help of our great annual leave package and newly-launched flexible working hour policy, work-life balance becomes more achievable than ever. And as mom of a little girl, I also appreciate ctrip family day fund and Kids Day, a fantastic annual party for Roche kids.

Last but not least, Roche also cares about our career development. Roche China University provides hundreds of courses for every employees every year. If you are curious about other departments or affiliates, you can get involved in EDO program.

From my perspective, what Roche provide is far beyond just a work. You are welcomed to explore our Total Rewards package by yourself.


Our workplace

I've also witnessed the rapid development of Roche Diagnostics China.

Now, we have a huge flexible workplace where you can enjoy working. Want to have a quick catch-up? Get a cup of Americano or Chinese lonjin tea in pantry and come to Check-In rooms! Get crazy in a case? Come to the mysterious inspiration room. Just lie on the lazy couch or sit on the stool and relax, let your inspiration burst out. Feel a little tired? Here is the Wellbeing room for you to play table tennis or have a good massage!

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