Meet Scott Zhang from the front line

As a member of Customer Care RCS-Medical Science family, I work in the front line of hospitals, laboratories and clinics, responsible for the installation, maintenance and any other necessary service for MS product line. 

Once I received an urgent request to move our instruments next week. It was in such a hurry that I have to fly to the site with my team at the first time while finishing official instrument process. However, the elevators and stairs in the new laboratory building are too narrow for our instruments. To ensure delivery, we have no choice but to remove the windows and lift the instrument with a crane. After a quick negotiation, we came to an agreement with the client and the task is finally completed on time.

Our impact

Although our work seems to be ordinary and insignificant, we are always stand by to conquer all the difficulties and fulfill every requirement. Every step we take is leading to our'' North Star": To ensure that diagnostic reports are delivered in time to support medical decisions.

We believe that even the most ordinary work can make extraordinary grace.

The place to work

I started my internship in Roche 2 years ago as a YOUNG Program student and officially joined in Roche in July 2018. During my one-year stay, I’ve grown up from a freshman who don’t even know the usage of different tools to a professional engineer. Besides, I’ve also experienced a colorful and unforgettable life in Roche. Whether the traditional team building or CSR programs, I always feel energized in these employee activities. With a people-caring employee engagement strategy, Roche China is undoubtedly a great place to work and live in.

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