Meet Fiona Li and her CC family

I have been working with the team of Customer Care Department for more than five years. It is a warm and vibrant family with strong ownership, commitment and sense of honor. Our management team is courageous, resolute and respect employees. Initiated by craftsmanship, the engineers and applications’ specialists are knowledgeable and reliable, always pursuing excellence in the front line.

As the strongest support for customers, 24 x 7's high quality service is our consistent commitment.

One of our clients once came across a special issue that a patient repeatedly fell into life-threatening hypoglycemic coma but his insulin test result was far beyond upper limit of our instruments. We proactively worked together with the doctors and laboratory physicians. Finally, we found the cause and saved the patient's life.

Our impact

With the purpose of "Doing now what patients need next", Roche is always committed to disruptive innovation and personalized healthcare. And everyone in Roche is motivated by improving medical decision making and increasing efficiency.

As for Customer Care team, it is solving every problem for clients and patients that makes our daily work meaningful. We believe that our work not only affects every laboratory physician , but also contributes to every family, the society and human health.


The place to work

Roche pays great attention to employees’ wellbeing. In addition to the annual physical examination, fitness allowance and flexible annual leave, the company also take our family into account. With family physical examination and ctrip family day, we have nothing to worry about.

In addition to our total rewards package, what attracts me most is the leadership and peers here. Every colleague devotes himself to the job, serving customers wholeheartedly and facing problems bravely. They are my life mentors and good friends. We are growing and progressing together, because we are Roche.

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