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New Role, New Life

Being a full-time working mum and team lead can be a big challenge, but I’m grateful to be able to balance both roles at Roche.

I’m Annie Ma, the Head of Safety, Health and Environment for our manufacturing plant in Shanghai.

I started this role in 2020, the same year that I became a mother.

It was a whole new world for me but thanks to encouragement from my colleagues and inclusive company culture, I was able to manage both roles.

I was also lucky because at Roche China, I can learn from other excellent parents on maintaining work-life balance. It is a long journey – but I will keep learning and growing.

Try it before giving up



There are two sides of change - risk and opportunity – depending on how you look at it.

Our impact

Roche is a great company that not only invests in the product pipeline, but also in our people, patients and facilities. My work is to ensure an injury-free workplace for our workforce, healthy and happy employees, quality and authentic products for patients and a sustainable planet for our next generation.

The place to Work

This is my tenth year with Roche China but I’m still learning and growing after all these years. This continuous improvement and lifelong learning mindset is also something that we all share here. From the work environment to the work processes – we are constantly trying to find ways to improve. After ten years here, I can say that I still deeply enjoy working here - a place that gives me security, courage, passion and joy.

Our culture

In Roche China campus, the business covers early research, late phase clinical development, manufacturing and commercialization. It is a very diverse campus but we all share the same pharma vision and collaborative mindset. We have won the Top Employer award for many years. Is it the best place to work? Definitely!

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