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The way we walked together

In 2004, I officially joined Roche R&D Center (China) as an assistant researcher in the medicinal chemistry department, mainly engaged in the design and synthesis of drug molecules. I was lucky to work in the top pharmaceutical R&D center just after graduation, which made me excited and passionate about my work. But I also felt pressured.

In my work, I gradually found that it was not enough to only have the knowledge of chemical synthesis. I also need to gain insight into the related fields of biology,  medicinal chemistry and pharmacokinetics to better understand my project and carry it out properly.

The company provides us with a lot of training opportunities. Famous professors from home and abroad are frequently invited to hold in-house lectures, which broadens our horizons and constantly improves our professionalism. In addition to looking for solutions through the literatures, I  also hugely benefited from the unreserved experience sharing among colleagues, group meetings, departmental meetings, and cross-department discussions.

Our best work and learning platform attracts excellent talents to join us. At present, Roche R&D Center (China) has nearly 200 researchers engaged in drug research and development. They are assigned to the key areas of drug research and development, such as l medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, and drug screening. More than half of these R&D personnel are returnees or from well-known domestic universities. Roche R&D Center (China) started with drug discovery in its founding years. Now we have established a complete set of new drug research processes from compound screening to toxicological evaluation, and become a fully functional and independent R&D Center for original new drug research in accordance with international standards.

We are a warm family




We love Roche and our R&D center in China. Its respect and love for the staff and giving back to the society make us feel warm and proud to work here!

Our impact

After 16 years of development, Roche R&D Center (China) (now known as Roche Innovation Center Shanghai) has turned into an important part of Roche Global Pharmaceutical Research and Early Development Center, and the leader of biopharmaceutical innovation in China. It is well recognized throughout the industry and by the local government.

By the end of October 2020, 260 patent applications have been submitted based on the inventions of Roche Innovation Center Shanghai, among which 144 patents have been granted in China, the United States, the European Union, and Japan. Moreover, 9 drug molecules developed by the innovation center are now undergoing clinical studies. The Innovation Center cooperates with many well-known academic institutions, biotechnology companies and contract research organizations to promote the development of pharmaceutical research and translational medicine in China.


The place to Work

As we all know, the R&D of new drugs is a long, high-risk and high-input process. Among pharmaceutical enterprises, Roche’s R&D investment ratio is one of the highest. I really appreciate Roche’s continuous investment in new drug development and innovation.

Roche is guided by its purpose “Doing now what patients need next”, and helps patients live longer and better lives. This is also our mission as drug developers, which brings us together. 

Roche’s corporate values are integrity, passion and courage, which benefits every employee in his work and life.


Our culture

Diversity and Conclusion

By cultivating a culture of openness, mutual respect and diversification, Roche encourages us to speak out our own ideas, actively participate in discussions, and think. In this way, I strongly feel my participation and responsibility for the company.

The company regularly organizes academic forums to let us discuss and share experiences with peers at home and abroad; every year, the summer internship program attracts many excellent students, trains these young talents for the pharmaceutical industry, and brings better understanding to the public about Roche; it also helps to build hope primary schools and makes regular donations to charity.... It shows us that, while Roche R&D Center (China) constantly improves itself, it also gives back to society.

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