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We’re not only T (technology) but also I (information)!

It takes us a long time to correct people to call us ‘Informatics’ team instead of ‘IT’. (Yes, the journey is still on.) But it makes a big difference to us! 


We’re a global team of over 1000 colleagues across 59 countries. Sitting in China, I am sharing the same North Star as all my other colleagues in Pharma Informatics. That is, to co-create a better future for patients through technology and information. We’re not simply an IT team that keeps the business going. We’re all in close partnership with our colleagues across business, exploring new ideas which will provide Roche with a competitive advantage. 

We can make an impact




People is in the centre of our strategic framework. We focus on developing great talents that are passionate about technology innovation and we leverate full potential of our people to make an impact.

Our impact

With the opportunities in digitalization in healthcare, we, as a member of Pharma Informatics, are feeling more and more connected with patients. Via our digital solutions, we connect different elements of our value chain, optimizing the way we bring medicine to market, and of course, we build a secure, safe and flexible network for our internal and external customers.

In China, together with Business teams, we’re actively working on strategic partnership with local ecosystem players to co-create customer-centric healthcare solutions. As a global team, we’re working closely with our peers in Group Informatics around the globe to provide technologies and solutions along the value chain from research to commercialization.

During the pandemic situation, we played a critical role to keep ‘business as usual’. It’s not only about keeping all parts of the company connected but also to move forward quickly to accommodate rising challenges from healthcare digitalisation.

We’re moving to the front line and becoming part of the business!


Our culture

Since I joined Pharma Informatics at Roche in 2008, I’ve been working in different roles. Having a major in English and no experience in IT, I (yes, even myself) am surprised about the journey I’ve had in the past 11 years.

I believe everyone in Pharma Informatics will agree with me that we’re always encouraged to try new things that we are passionate about. Although there have been various changes/ transformations due to internal and external challenges and opportunities, we get the full support to find the best way that each of us can contribute. It doesn’t matter which role we’re playing, what kind of background we come from, it’s the mindset that really matters. Keep learning and adapting, take accountability of your own career and, most importantly, always have our Purpose on mind, i.e. ‘Doing now what patients need next’.


Our workplace

‘Building a great place to work’ is one of our missions. It’s not only about the physical environment but more about the way we work with each other. In Pharma Informatics, we encourage sharing and collaboration. We support each other. At the same time, we also challenge in a constructive way. This is all about to create a healthy and sustainable working environment.

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