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Broadening Career Boundaries in an International Team

Roche has changed the trajectory of my life in a way.

Two years ago, I joined the Roche PDG (Product Development Global Clinical Execution) team as an intern, a small attempt I made before going abroad to study for a doctoral degree. One year ago, I got an offer and a full scholarship for an overseas doctoral degree program, but I still chose to stay at Roche and start my first career trip.


After officially joining the PD Data Sciences team as a full-time employee, I have dealt with all kinds of data every day. We hope that we can process data in a more innovative and efficient way, obtain more insights into the data to solve daily problems, drive drug development, stimulate the next round of innovation in health care with excellent technologies, and find the breakthrough of digital medicine in the future.

Working with foreign co-workers as a team




We have been working closely with teams from other countries to mutually understand our areas of expertise, exchange project progress and challenges, and different perspectives on problems encountered at work.

Our impact

Maintaining enthusiasm about learning

Different from the study of algorithm theory during the doctoral degree program, at Roche, I have more opportunities to access, analyze and apply a lot of scientific research data so as to ultimately benefit patients.

In the open and free team atmosphere at Roche, I have countless opportunities every day to absorb and learn cutting-edge knowledge and skills in the industry, and to cooperate with and support each other with the world's leading teams. For example, the Global Statistical Programming Analyst (SPA) team will hold regular PHC meetings to share new papers, new algorithms and new project progress, as well as special machine learning group activities for everyone to participate in. The continuous input of new knowledge has aroused my desire to further explore the field of PHC.


The place to Work

Close collaboration with overseas teams

Compared with those teams in other countries, the Oncology Group of the PD Data Sciences SPA Team in China is small. In this case, it is very important to allocate time and resources reasonably.Maintaining close communication and cooperation with the global teams, I can know the progress of their work in a timely manner, make use of their completed work to optimize the local work process in China, better realize automation and standardization, and lay a good foundation for our realization of fast filling.

On the other hand, the knowledge sharing and input of multiple teams also help me think more about how data can bring value to patients from more perspectives. For example, how the treatments for some diseases used in foreign counties are applied in China, how to judge whether they are suitable for Chinese patients etc.


Our culture

Free and bold attempts and explorations

I have just started my career. One of my first intentions of working for Roche is to try and learn what I am interested in.Roche does not require each of us to devote 100% of our energy to our work. Instead, we are encouraged to allocate 20% of our energy to exploring and studying things that we are more interested in and can also create value for patients.

For example, in November last year, together with my colleagues from different departments in various countries overseas, I participated in the precision medicine and machine learning competition launched by the FDA. In fact, it was beyond daily work.After receiving the competition project, we needed to brainstorm with teams from different countries on a regular basis and completed the tasks separately, so as to establish "revolutionary friendship" with partners from other countries.

China is becoming an important part of Roche's global strategy.This not only means more resources invested in the local market, more opportunities for talents with different backgrounds, including opportunities in new fields, but also means that we have closer ties and cooperation with the global market, especially in the field of drug research and development.As the leader of data science in the global health care field, Roche has more than 800 digital talents distributed in various countries and business divisions. Come and join Roche to become a member of our big family and let’s work together to do now what patients need next.

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