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I’m the Automation Superwoman!

Automation is my job and my life.


My job is to make Roche’s factory more automated, and help colleagues work more efficiently. When I joined Roche 15 years ago, all information and processes were kept and communicated with printed documents. Over the past 15 years, my life and work have become more and more automated. We have used various automation systems, such as ERP, MES (Manufacturing Execution System), PI (Plant Information System), Quality Management System, Training System, Document System, HR System, and Conference System.

Mobile office



I can do all my work and track the status of all the systems only using a computer or iPad in the office, in the workshop, at home or on the beach. Paper? Pen? Neither! A mobile phone can take me anywhere in China. Shopping, payment, navigation, taxi, all can be done with a single mobile phone!

Our impact

With the pressure of life, environmental pollution and fierce competition, the number of patients in China increases every year. The diseases are getting closer to us. Many patients are just around us, even our families and friends. They are in urgent need of medicines with high quality, low price and stable supply. Our duty is to benefit them more.

Factories that are more automated can produce drugs more efficiently, so as to achieve high quality and low price. We hope that our efforts can help patients improve their lives. So the pain can no longer kidnap our life, economy and spirit, and the patients can recover quickly and live happily.


The place to Work

I have been in Roche for 15 years and I enjoy working here. Over the past 15 years, the factory is getting more and more beautiful and the working environment is getting better and better with fashionable and modern office buildings, comfortable coffee bars, staff restaurants comparable to Michelin restaurants, and well-equipped gymnasiums. Employee management is also getting more and more humanized, with shuttle buses, flexible working hours, noon yoga classes, joyful festivals and family days. Roche is a warm family to all the employees.


Our workplace

I love Shanghai! I love the Magic City!

I was born and raised in Shanghai. Shanghai is a magical city, nicknamed “Magic City”. Our culture is described as “The sea refuses no river”.

All kinds of elements and cultures can be naturally integrated, eastern culture and western culture, tradition and modernization, coffee and Shanghai steamed dumplings, which are just like the two banks of Huangpu River, the Bund and Lujiazui. One bank is soaked in history, while the other embraces miracles. They are so beautiful and marvelous together.

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