“This is something you can’t find in any other software engineering domain.”

As a high school student thinking about her future, Angela decided early that she wanted to be a pharmacist – until her fear of blood pushed her towards a different career path. Angela ultimately decided to go into computer science, but a career in healthcare always stayed in the back of her mind.

A few years ago, when a Roche recruiter first reached out to her, Angela assumed she’d need to be a scientist or have some knowledge of therapeutic areas just to land a job with the company. But the recruiter instead told her about a role in Diagnostics Information Solutions (DIS). DIS would give Angela the chance to create software solutions for doctors and hospitals so they can provide better patient care.

“DIS is hardcore software engineering,” Angela explains. “Software engineers make a real difference in healthcare.”

She had the skills. She had the experience. And it was a novel way to play a role in a field she admired.

Making a real difference

Roche’s purpose statement, “Doing now what patients need next,” resonated with Angela.

After more than 10 years working in the software industry for tech companies, although the experience was fulfilling in different ways, she felt she wanted to make a bigger impact.

Angela says that when she came to Roche, things were different.

Here for each other

A week before joining Roche, Angela found out that she was pregnant.

She was nervous. How would she tell that to a new boss so early into her tenure? After her first trimester, Angela set up a one-on-one to let him know. Her heart was racing. But to her surprise – and relief – the first thing he said was, “Congratulations! Let us know what we can do to support you.”

She sees that same support every day, working in an environment where every employee believes in helping each other. Angela says there’s no ego or competition, because the real goal is producing software that serves patients. So, when a question is raised or someone needs assistance, a friendly face will step in.

Despite such important work, there’s also plenty of room for fun. Angela’s secret weapon? Boba tea.

“I’m known as the Boba Queen,” she says with a laugh. “Whenever I have a big group meeting, I like to bring in boba tea. It’s a more casual way for us to be together as a team and talk about what’s top of mind for us.”

Advancing knowledge

Six months into the job, Angela became more curious about topics like genomics, DNA and genetics. She knew a more well-rounded knowledge base would help her make better decisions in her day-to-day work.

Her boss recommended she looks into course options being offered by major universities. One that really stuck out to her was a six-course certificate program from one of the top universities in the country. She knew it’d be a great learning opportunity, but wanted to be sure she’d get the support she needed to complete the certificate. Angela’s boss let her know about Roche’s education reimbursement program, and after filling out a brief submission form, she was approved within just a few days.

Empowered to do more

“The beauty of Roche is we can work at the speed of a start-up company, but with the backing of a huge global company,” Angela explains.

Roche’s resources, combined with its structure, create a unique opportunity for employees. Plus, teams like Angela’s have the ability to “influence their own destiny,” refining workflows to make changes and move faster.

“This is something you can’t find anywhere else in any other software engineering domain,” she says. “If you believe you want to make a positive impact for real people, I think this is the world you want to be in.”

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