The freedom to explore

Ninad is an HR data analyst at Roche, and he’s inspired by the sense of discovery that’s built into his job.

In 2017, Ninad joined Roche as an analytics and strategy intern.

"Exploration is ... it's something that really motivates me. Doing something for the first time that no one's done before is... it's, it's exciting. It's enthralling. It feels like I'm really breaking new ground here."

Using data to solve problems is what drives him, but he wasn't exactly sure what he could bring to the table.

It feels like I'm really breaking new ground here.

Our impact

Ninad found his home in Roche's HR organization, where he now uncovers novel ways to assess and apply information.

“When I do my job well, people have opportunities to grow and contribute and do what they love.”

The place to Work

Ninad has this advice for other young people who are just starting out in their careers: "If you're considering a career at Roche, think about your purpose, think about what drives you. And then see if that lines up with what Roche is, what Roche's goals are."

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