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Pursuing his passion

Frank started at Roche as an intern in the research and development environment, building algorithms that protect patients against abnormal diabetes testing results.

Today, though, he works with a talented team uncovering new business possibilities in Integrated Personalized Diabetes Management. It's inspiring, challenging work, and Frank appreciates the opportunity to take it on.

usa, roche, careers, people, blog



If you think about that transition from R&D … to new business development … not a lot of people have that kind of experience. I'm honored that Roche is willing to make the investment into people development.

Our impact

Frank says the trust in his skills and abilities is what he values the most about working at Roche. It allows him to pursue his passion of working closer and closer to the patient. "At the end of the day, whatever we do, we focus on the patient because that's our ultimate goal, to help society to better manage this disease."

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