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Jen Griswold happily admits that she was born and raised at Roche

Her Roche journey, which has recently taken her to Los Gatos and then Santa Clara, started when she was a summer intern in 2011 on the Microbiology team in Pleasanton, CA. Following her first intern experience in R&D, Jen credits her summer mentors with much of her growth and a solid introduction into Roche.

While earning a microbiology degree, Jen joined Roche Pleasanton's Genomics and Oncology team as a contractor until December 2013 when she was hired into a regular position. In that role, she was able to implement the leadership skills and advice garnered from past mentors and to apply them toward leading a project. Going back to her microbiology roots, in 2016, a position posted on the Roche Careers Website in Los Gatos caught Jen’s interest and she pursued it.

From Intern to Scientist


I'd like to say I’ve been lucky, but it’s really because Roche has so many resources available. I used professional development tools and workshops to help map out my my path.
As an intern, I valued the access to research leaders and I found that everyone is willing to talk about their experiences. People here (at Roche) are interested in and want to help their colleagues find career paths regardless of titles or experiences. Interning also helped me build my network and allowed me to make strong connections around the company.

The place to Work

Every day, our employees make the decision to come to work and support our vision of “Doing now what patients need next.” As a company, we pride ourselves on being a Great Place to Work by having an environment that encourages employee growth and development and offering opportunities for everyone to grow their careers at Roche.

Exposure to multiple groups and mentors allowed Jen the networking opportunity to come back every summer while attending school.

I used the Roche mentoring workshop to help me think through how mentoring can help me now in my professional life. Peers, managers and HR were supportive as I used the tools, and distilled what I wanted to do at Roche. I had access to and took advantage of the career planning workshops, the mentoring program and my colleagues’ guidance. All of these together have helped me to plan my career with Roche.
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