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Meet Mathieu

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hey I'm Mathieu, I’m a French guy, passionate about technology. I moved to the bay 4 years ago, got recently married and live in the East Bay, California with our corgi puppy.

Why did you decide to join Roche?

I joined Roche because I believe the work we do have a direct impact on the patients lives and my work add direct value to their care. This is a great opportunity and so much more impactful than working on a website feature or a messenger bot.

My work helps Roche to….

My work helps Roche to reach out to the patient and deliver high-value solution that will make a difference in the care they receive. I'm helping physicians and care teams make better clinical decisions by empowering them with more relevant data and an easier, smoother, streamlined process.

How would you describe the culture and work environment at Roche?

Roche is really mission-driven. We all know why we are here and what we are trying to achieve. People here are very brilliant and respectful of everyone's ideas. We set ourselves very high objectives because we know what's at stake: kicking cancer in the teeth!

What distinguishes the Roche culture from the culture at other companies you have worked for?

I used to be a consultant, used to be thrown in the deep-end and having to hit the ground running. At Roche I am surrounded by incredible teams and people, that are doing everything to make sure I have everything I need to succeed. There is a real dedication to deliver the highest value and not cutting corners.

How would you describe career development at Roche?

There is a strong career development support. I feel like I can talk to my manager about all the different paths I would like to explore and he can point me in the right direction. There is many resources available for me to explore.

What has been your biggest opportunity to date within Roche?

I have been able to meet incredible people from different teams and just go up to them and start talking about anything. It is such a rich but accessible environment.

What would you advise job seekers who want to join us?

Apply today! This is a great company, that really cares for their employees and works its best to deliver great value for patients.

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