Meet Sofia and her passion for continuous improvement and data analytics

Changing jobs in the middle of a pandemic was unreal and a bit scary for me. Not only was I changing career fields from a finance background to an HR reporting role, but it was also a big opportunity to work in a global organization, and I was ready for it.

My journey at Roche started in the middle of the pandemic when I joined the Insights & Technology team as Reporting & Analytics analyst. Roche was great from the beginning. My team in the United States supported me on everything I needed to be successful.

Not only was I the only reporting analyst based in Costa Rica, but I was also working remotely from home. Despite the situation, they made me feel welcome in a safe space to bring my experience and ideas on board.

That leadership culture caught my attention, and I experienced more of that when I had my first career conversation with my leader. I told him about my Industrial Engineer background, my passion for continuous improvement and data analysis, and his reaction was something I’ll never forget. From the very first moment, he encouraged me to pursue new career goals.

In just three months on the job, I had the opportunity to collaborate with a different team on a Customer Experience project. Working on this project has been an enormous learning opportunity for me. Working on a project with outstanding leadership, the correct vision, and colleagues from different backgrounds and great mindsets gave me a new perspective to continue growing my Roche career.

This project not only opened a huge opportunity to provide meaningful insights, but it also enhanced my chances to participate in a hiring process where I got promoted to Regional Quality Assurance & Excellence Specialist. I am starting with this new role and envision great learnings coming out of it.

I am also partaking in my first agile project at Roche, where I have the opportunity to attend brainstorming sessions, stand-up meetings and engage in cross-functional collaboration to bring different perspectives to the table. I'm learning the key to Agile is not only 'being agile' and learning from each other but improving in every iteration.

With this experience, I will continue developing my professional skills into innovative solutions and add value to people services.

A lot can happen in 7 months, and if I could summarize my experience in this short time, I would start by saying that I have learned a lot about our people and culture to develop myself further professionally.

A lot can happen when you're open to change.

Our impact

Working on a project that focuses on analyzing the Voice of the Customer to find possible improvement opportunities helps us deliver the best customer experience.

The place to Work

The empowering mindset and the global collaboration make Roche a great place to work! 

Our culture

In my first week, I remember telling a colleague how amazed I was at Roche’s culture. It was rare to experience a non-hierarchical leadership culture that allowed me to interact with different people from the function and the business.

Our workplace 

I discovered that Roche people are, without a doubt, the heart of this company, and after all, it is the people who go the extra mile and make things happen every day, but most importantly, it’s how we all work towards the same goal.

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