At Roche, the sky is not the limit!

In the middle of the unknown, Roche taught me my first lesson: We are a family!

I came to Roche with experience in HR Operations and leading teams but not in a virtual setting. I felt that I needed more time to get to know my team, work with them, understand our roles, the company, and of course, our processes. Nevertheless, there was no time to lose, so it was the right moment to embrace change and adapt.

Since we started, I felt the support, and I knew I was not alone in this process. This helped me to overcome every challenge that every operation and learning process has. We were on the same boat, and it did not matter if you were from Costa Rica, Indianapolis, or Budapest. We all had the same vision, and that led us to success.

I see the pandemic as a little chapter in my professional journey, and I am excited about what the future holds.


Our impact

As an HR professional at Roche, I understand our purpose and the value that we add to everyone's lives, not only our employees but, most importantly, to our patients.

The place to Work

Every day you face a new challenge, but you have a global team full of great people and professionals by your side. Between projects, sprints, continuous improvement initiatives, you get to know colleagues from all over the world, embrace diversity and inclusion and focus on the strengths everybody brings.

Our culture

At Roche, learning is the constant.

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