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The future is ours to create

Being at Roche has been one of the most remarkable experiences I’ve ever had from a professional and personal standpoint. Can you believe I had many doubts two years back when I had the opportunity to join this company?

I come from a technical background, and all my previous jobs were at multinational companies strictly focused on computer and telecommunications industries. When I got the chance to decide on staying in my last job or joining Roche, my doubts about how much I would be close to technology, my career development, opportunities, and work-life balance were at the center of my decision-making process.

It took me a while to digest such an industry move. Still, after the first weeks of navigating a significant amount of resources, I fully realized that technology is also part of Roche’s DNA. Innovation is key to keep playing a critical role in the healthcare and biotech sector. Moreover, there are plenty of opportunities and a greenfield to create and innovate day after day. 

Working in a global environment where I interact with many people worldwide is such a fulfilling experience. Learning from cultures has opened my eyes when I realize the great things we've accomplished together with many others: as a team and company. 

Throughout each journey, there is someone who backs me up, trusts in me, cares for my well-being, gives me multiple benefits, provides me a lot of flexibility for my personal and family life, and wants me to stay safe and healthy. Do you know who that is? Roche!

I had lived this myself when I took sick leave for some time. Roche understood my situation, was there for me, and gave me the time to recover. Being healthy again is something that my Roche family looked after -not just for me, but all of its employees and the company makes sure you are doing great in every aspect of your life. 
The future is ours to create. I am excited about the opportunities ahead and new technology trends coming into the digital world.

Everyone is a leader in their own way


Having the chance to propose and drive projects and initiatives from start to end provided me with valuable lessons and new skills.

Our impact

Being purpose-driven and making sure what I am doing is adding value to positively impacting our patients' lives is not only the reason I do what I do but also how and why I do it.


The place to Work

I am excited about the opportunities ahead and new technology trends. This is a great place to work that exceeds expectations from day one, where you contribute to patients' lives, add value, seek solutions to challenging problems, remove boundaries, and have the chance to make career movements that you possibly didn’t think before.


Our culture

Roche facilitates an environment that takes into account not only the digital world but also its people. I am #RocheProud and happy for doing now what patients need next!


Our workplace

It’s not all about technology. Roche has taught me multiple skills about being a leader, different ways of working, agility, speaking up, accountability, risk-taking, and many others.

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