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From Transformation to Affirmation in a Heartbeat

I was touched by Roche’s vibrant culture, working in a place that thrives in feel-good disruption, collaboration, and affirmation. A company that's transforming itself to be more agile, better networked, and equipped to deal with the challenges of an increasingly complex world.

As I look back on my career, it was intimidating to accept the lack of support or constant control from some supervisors and feel canceled for speaking my mind. Those crucial moments prompted some reflection into what I wanted to change, and for me, it was looking for a place where people would matter the most.

One day, I saw a job post at Roche as Global Change & Communications Manager. Even though it was only temporary, I decided to submit my application feeling this could be the right opportunity. I researched, talked to friends, and looked at the leaders’ profiles to have as much information as possible before putting my mind and heart into it.

Roche is transforming its ways of working in an entirely new way. Being part of this global transformation gives me a broader view of the areas where we can help impact people's lives.

As part of the People Support Solutions organization in People & Culture (former HR function), I support change adoption and communication strategies to bring our new ways of working to life.

Everyone's voice matters. We all chip in from our technical expertise and the synergies created from collaboration enable a seamless customer experience.

This mindset revolution has resulted in trusting my expertise more, develop cross-functional partnerships, and not shying away from continually learning and growing.

Life is a journey


Accept every moment for wisdom lies beneath.

Our impact

I see the impact one’s job can make when working from your heart, as much as from your mind, alongside people from around the world sharing the same passion for mindset and behavior change, stakeholder alignment, employee communication, and talent engagement.


The place to Work

Onboarding was smooth from the beginning, and job benefits beyond compare. I even got honest feedback for presenting my business case during the final interview. The hiring manager took the time to explain their decision process in light of our values: integrity, courage, and passion.

Still, there was something I could not figure out: why was everyone so empowering and caring? –I found the answer in Roche's culture.


Our culture

What I experienced in the interview and onboarding process is still valid today: Roche’s genuine interest in its people and its listening and empowering culture continue to inspire me to be better every day. Because you can be yourself, respectfully speak up your mind, and count on your team and leaders' support.


Our workplace

Upon entering my job, I relied on a network of colleagues for help and guidance. I did not need to impress anybody or pretend to be flawless. I was in because they saw who I was and what I could do.

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