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Change the way, never your dream!

I thought my dream was to change people’s lives making the only thing I knew: developing software. Later, I found unlimited ways to reach my dream working for Roche.

My Name is Heber Montero. When I was 15 years old, many people thought I was wasting my time studying computing in a technical school because I never had a computer. Eight years later, working for an IT employer as a contractor, I received an email that changed my life: “I need your help, I need you to backup the person who supports Roche, only for a couple of days, I promise you,” he said. Eight years later, I am still celebrating that opportunity because it enabled me to stay and eventually work for Roche as a direct employee.

I moved from that initial job to become the local IT Manager for Roche Service & Solutions for the Americas. It took me a while to understand why I'm so happy at Roche. Then I figured out the reason why: I was making my dream come true. I was designing, leading, and collaborating on projects that impacted people’s lives. I found an unlimited number of ways to create a positive impact, and no matter how small others see your mark in the world, it will be invaluable for those you can help and those who they will help.

Where passion meets work


Working for Roche, we have the same goal to change people’s lives, making every moment valuable. Every day of my last eight years, I never felt that I was working because each project and initiative I am part of feels almost like a personal goal.

Our impact

During my time in Roche, I delivered and collaborated on projects for different areas like access, regulatory affairs, medical, sales force, and each one of those projects and initiatives is focused on providing meaningful connections and insights, allowing teams to understand and improve patient's lives.


The place to Work

In Roche, you have the opportunity to develop yourself personally and professionally, working together with extraordinary people who will be glad to mentor you and prepare you for the next jump. You have access to a considerable quantity of tools for learning and preparing yourself for opportunities that probably never crossed your mind.


Our culture

Roche is about integrity, passion, courage, innovation, collaboration, and an agile mindset. With encouragement to learn and improve, Roche’s culture provides the right environment for success and development.

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