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Meet Patrick Bergeron

A little about myself.

I graduated with a degree in Law, in the province of Québec, Canada. I practiced law for 7 years and joined the innovative pharmaceutical industry. Over those years, I’ve been working mainly in stakeholder relations, working with patient groups and Government, as well as in Health Policy. I joined Roche in 2013.  And … I can’t believe my son has recently turned 18!!!

My role at Roche Canada.

My role is to work with our internal teams and government to ensure our innovative medicines are funded and can reach patients faster.

My day-to-day.

From Quebec, I’m working remotely with the Canadian Head office in Mississauga, allowing me to be closer to the issues in my province and work intimately with local stakeholders.

I have the pleasure to interact with a lot of internal functions, team leads, medical, access leads, institution leads, logistics, and therapeutic experts, among others. Working mainly with external stakeholders allows me to educate them about the innovative pharmaceutical industry and fight myths that are often pervasive. In turn, I also get feedback from those stakeholders that contributes to improve the overall access approach for patients in need.

What makes my work interesting?

I am receiving many questions from different internal functions that I need to address. I also need to develop strategies/tactics in order to support patient access. As a large and diverse country - with two official languages, 13 provincial and territorial different health systems, different cultures - every day brings new and interesting challenges! It’s never dull!

In the province of Québec we have our own institutions (e.g. Health Technology Assessment [HTA] body, etc.) and I often have the pleasure of explaining these diversities to our colleagues, and the impact it may have with our approach, in order to support patient access.

Why join Roche?

Roche has a diverse and unique culture where differences are respected and valued. I feel our organizational transformation has been promoted as an opportunity for all to be in a better place in the near future, to provide access to patients faster to ultimately make sure we continue to do now what patients need next.

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