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Meet Grace Wong

My role at Roche Canada.

I am currently a Drug Safety Vendor Operations Specialist (DSVOS). As a DSVOS, I communicate with healthcare practitioners, patients and patient support programs to gather information about any adverse events related to our products. My work in collecting and making sense of real-world adverse event data allows the safety profiles of medications to be continuously updated. In doing so, this builds an accurate picture of the medication for current and future patients, ensuring compliance with global and local Health Canada regulations for innovative medicines.

My direct impact on patients.

Patients depend on the assurance that the safety profile of their medications are kept up to-date and that side-effects are known and can be managed. A common goal is to ensure that while the benefits of a medication are maximized, the side-effects that may be experienced are mitigated.

How I demonstrate agility in my role.

I demonstrate agility everyday by thinking outside the box and being open-minded to new ways of thinking and problem solving to tackle challenges.

A little more about me.

Favourite movie: Life is Beautiful

Most recent vacation: A 7-day cruise in the beautiful Caribbean which was unexpectedly extended to a 10-day cruise as we were in the deadly path of Hurricane Dorian! We ended up having a good time and never ran out of food!

What makes this a great place to work?

Roche is a wonderful place to work as everyone is respectful and encourages each other to branch out of their comfort zones. We are working together to bring innovative medicines to patients. Together, we push the frontiers of healthcare and live our vision of "doing now what patients need next".

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