Meet Edgar, Biometrics Application Developer at Roche Canada

I am currently working for Roche as a Biometrics Application Developer. This role is very exciting and rewarding. It has been my passion to work as a programmer and get hands on experience in many different types of programming languages.

My passion for computer programming emerged when I was in grade 7 and received my first computer — a Soviet Union-made computer with only 64kb memory — as a birthday gift. Convinced by my family that medicine was a better career option than computer programming, I began studying medicine and eventually started practicing as a dermatologist. Luckily, I was awarded a US government scholarship to obtain my Master’s degree in Epidemiology and Public Health. As part of my curriculum, I was introduced to Statistical Analysis Software (SAS) and it gave me hope that one day I could revisit my childhood fascination and go back to general programming and application development.

I was hired by Roche in 2014 as a member of the Statistical Programming and Analysis (SPA) department. I was very happy to work with like-minded colleagues. It was such a great time to join SPA because we were just starting to adopt other programming languages such as R and Python to provide better interactive exploratory solutions to study teams. My learning continued and soon I was promoted to a Senior Statistical Programmer and had an opportunity to lead the biometrics team to a new FDA submission. This role required a lot of administrative work and project management. While it was a diversion from my passion for application and software development, the idea of bringing a new medicine to patients motivated me.

Roche is a place that encourages employees to grow and learn and offers employees great internal career opportunities. I continued looking for an opportunity internally at Roche where I could refocus my efforts on application and software development. I am happy to say that I recently accepted a new role as Biometrics Application Developer! This role has a software development component and helps contribute to and drive successful implementation, integration and utilization of new future-oriented technology platforms. Through this role, I hope that I will continue fulfilling my childhood dream and my passion of application and software development with Roche.

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