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Meet Bryan Pinto

Looking back, I could not be happier about my decision to work here.
Bryan Pinto

From Bombay to Canada…

I was born and raised in Bombay, India. After working in Dubai for a few years, I migrated with my family to Canada in 1998. I have over 25 years of experience in IT and most of my previous tenures have been with the banking sector in enterprise infrastructure.

My current hobby is that of an amateur audiophile – meaning, I’m enthusiastic about sound production. When I’m not with my family or running errands, I listen to music and constantly tweak sound levels with SPL (sounds pressure level) meters.

My role at Roche Canada.

I am the Chapter Section Lead for Pharma Technical Informatics (PT-IX). I manage a team of 6 Delivery Service Managers that do end to end IT Service Management for a large footprint of validated Manufacturing applications that are at the core of our business operations. The team is being shaped to support the business using a “follow the sun” model leveraging the help of our partner team in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

What I value about Roche.

Roche truly is one of those organizations that does not just speak about caring for its employees, but actually lives that on a daily basis. I see examples of its core values of “Passion, Integrity and Courage” every day in interactions with my peers. Roche truly believes in its employees and nurtures internal growth. I am an example and testament to this.

My decision to join this team.

For many years, Roche was among the top 3 companies I wanted to join in order to move my career to the next phase. My wife worked for another innovative pharmaceutical company and she spoke very highly of the industry; this encouraged me even more. Looking back, I could not be happier about my decision to work here.

Current opportunities to join the PT-IX team.

I am in the process of adding 2 SLMs (Solution Lifecycle Managers) to the team that are proficient in MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems). These roles will be key in better supporting the business as we rework our technology footprint to align with the technology roadmap.
As part of the world’s largest biotech company, you will be rewarded with a progressive work experience and be part of a great company culture.

If you're someone with a passion for technology, a growth mindset and want to make a meaningful contribution to patients lives, consider joining our team.

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