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Christina Wang's journey with Roche

I started my Roche journey on June 18, 2018 as a new member of the Global Procurement team, which is a new team to the Mississauga office. I was welcomed with open arms and encouraged to learn all Roche has to offer!

The Mississauga office is a beautiful and multifunctional building. Not only does it have open concept work stations and modern meeting rooms, but it also has a great cafeteria, a well-equipped gym and other places to meet and collaborate with your colleagues. Roche Canada’s offers a lot of flexibility, including working from home or the office, which enables us to keep a good balance between work and life.

I flew to San Francisco in my second week at Roche to participate in the Global Procurement Kick-off meeting. It was a great opportunity to meet colleagues from all around the globe. At the meeting, we learned, discussed and shared ideas about how we contribute to the business, and in turn how our work impacts patient. I was lucky to have a colleague from Genentech volunteer to show me around the campus. On the tour, I had the chance to visit a few buildings on the extremely large campus. My favourite spot on the tour were the labs. It was so interesting to see scientists working on a Roche drug discovery. The more I saw and learned, the fonder I became of working here at Roche.

canada, roche, careers, people

In the fifth week of my Roche journey, I joined a project workshop at Roche Diagnostics, Indianapolis. The campus is different from the modern Genentech San Francisco location because it combines the old and new architectural styles. It also merged well with the local natural environment. I noticed how open-minded and innovative Roche employees truly are. I am proud to be one of them.

My excitement and enthusiasm continue to grow the more I learn and explore Roche. I look forward to my travels with Roche in the future!

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