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Caryn’s Top Five Secrets to Success

Caryn Robinson is an Organizational Effectiveness Manager within the Human Resources department. She has been in her role for almost five years and counting. Caryn was recently asked to provide her opinion on what makes someone successful at Roche and she has shared her top five tips with us.

1. Always consider learning part of your job.

Learning does not come to a stop once you have settled into a role. Once you are stable and comfortable, learning becomes a constant journey and it expands your capabilities. Being encouraged to continue learning and having the opportunity to work with different departments within the company is for sure one of the best parts of working at Roche.

2. Actively maintain a career plan.

A career plan keeps you organized and allows you not only be thinking about the present, but also about the future and what you need to do to reach your goals. It is a good idea to brainstorm ways of leveraging your strengths and develop yourself further. Your career plan should be flexible - similar to writing in pencil instead of pen. Using pencil gives you the ability to sketch and restructure your plan along the way.

3. Learn how to demonstrate passion.

Passion is a driving force for many individuals. Finding your passion is one thing, but learning how to show it is another. If at some point you are struggling with demonstrating passion in your work, then you may need to revisit your career plan to decide if it is truly the best path for you. Knowing what influences you to do well is an important step to self-awareness. Do what you love!

4. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

Trying out new things is a part of our culture. Be on the lookout for new learning opportunities that come your way. Consider changing up your daily routine. Be open to opportunities that could broaden your skills and experiences.

5. Maintain a connection with things outside of work.

Being able to turn off or tune out from work is incredibly important. You need time to recharge and focus on something you enjoy. I think for this strategy to work, it’s really up to the individual to make it work.

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