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Own your diversity and embrace change

Working for Roche over the past two years has afforded me with a wealth of opportunities and experience that has shaped me into the person I am today. The challenges have pushed me to learn new limits while allowing me to grow beyond my original expectations and embody the leader I always wanted to be. For this, I am only grateful. 


I was born and raised in Dubai, and moved to Canada when I was seventeen years old to attend McMaster University for a BSc in Life Sciences. I frequented the Children’s Hospital cafeteria on campus where I would be surrounded by patients and their visitors. It was then that I decided to follow the research route to further develop my knowledge in the Pharma Industry. I then joined Roche in March 2019, and after three months in the Specialist position, took on the ad-interim role of a Business Support Manager for the R&D and subsequently the Professional Services Procurement Category team, where I have been since. I’m also a Scrum Master and Strategic Advisor for a few large projects being run in Global Procurement.

The things I love


Do what you love even though it may seem unconventional to others, but always remember to stay grounded no matter where you stand.

Our impact

In Global Procurement, our goal is to negotiate and deliver as much savings as possible. I strive to bring out the best in people by either driving transparency through some of the events I lead, connecting the dots with other teams, or by being a Scrum Master working on some strategic initiatives – resulting in a stronger team output – and pushing collaboration to ultimately get more to our patients faster. 


The place to Work

Roche skims out candidates that follow a like-minded approach to our vision and values – courage, integrity and passion. Once you join, you’re immediately surrounded by this sea of individuals who fit this caliber of authenticity and intellectual curiosity. When I got hired, someone said: “You work for the Roche family now – we all have extraordinary and complex minds that get applied into producing something meaningful in the end.” I just thought: “WOW. I fit here.”


Our culture

What I love about working here, is the culture of being a community. No one feels alone, even during this current pandemic. Within the local, or even global community, you always have access to either a colleague, mentor, coach to advise, or just someone who’s willing to listen.


Our workplace

Although I usually work from my home office space, the Mississauga Roche building houses approximately 1,200 employees from various global departments. It is very agile in terms of the internal office space design, and outside of being an office, it has an in-house gym with personal training programs, massage therapy booking options, a relaxation room with a book corner, and a fully staffed restaurant-esque catering service. 

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