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Meet Sarah Jafri, Global Pharmaceutical Quality Systems Document Management

Tell us about yourself.

I started my journey in the healthcare/pharmaceutical industry as a student and have since continued in a diverse set of roles within the industry, which led me to my current role at Roche. I am passionate about learning and development and this made Roche an ideal choice for me, as it provides an environment for growth and development. I am also passionate about human rights and strive for a world of compassion and acceptance.

In my spare time, I enjoy creative writing, playing the piano and solving puzzles among other things.

Our impact

My role ensures the efficient development of global standards and content with the highest of quality and with applicable health authority regulations in mind. This global content influences downstream content and processes. I am passionate about my contribution to our pharma vision of providing more medical advances for patients with better outcomes, at a lesser cost to society.

The place to Work

Roche has a unique work culture, which promotes collaboration, agility and innovation, while prioritizing patient needs and embracing employee development.

What is your current position at Roche Canada?

I am a PQS (Pharmaceutical Quality Systems) Content Manager with the Global Pharmaceutical Quality Systems (PQS) team, responsible for project management of PQS content creation/revision. I collaborate with global stakeholders to develop our global standards and content.

How do you demonstrate agility in your role?

I demonstrate agility in my role by embracing change, by my willingness to try new approaches and technology and by keeping a pulse check on my stakeholders needs and ensuring we are evolving accordingly.

What can you tell us about your work environment at your location?

The work environment in Mississauga is very positive, dynamic and collaborative, where we are constantly embracing change and finding innovative and exciting ways of accomplishing our goals to benefit patients. The building has a pleasant ambience with great amenities.

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