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Meet Nicole Garcia

Tell us about yourself.

My time outside of work is rarely spent indoors. During the summer, I am often outside cycling new trails, or on the water in a kayak. Lately, I've been involved in dog fostering to help sweet pups find forever homes.

What is your current position at Roche Canada?

I have happily found my current niche as a Systems Implementation Leader within Product Development Global Clinical Operations (PDG). I manage several clinical systems throughout their lifecycle, from clinical trial startup to closeout. In this role, I work closely with many colleagues such as biostatisticians, global study managers, and clinical scientists.

How would you describe the people working here?

I am motivated by the people around me, who push for results, creativity, and putting the patients first. My colleagues are an inspiring combination of driven and compassionate. Our focus is on how we can further improve patient experiences in clinical trials, and get them life-changing medicines faster.

How is your job connected to “doing now what patients need next”?

The status quo and current ways of operating are always being challenged, in the best way. New concepts surrounding digital health, patient involvement, and agile ways of working- for example are being implemented consistently into our work. We are also expanding into new therapeutic areas and diseases where potential for positive patient impact is seen.

Our impact

I support global study teams to ensure key data such as questionnaires, drug dispensation, and visit information is collected in a meaningful and intuitive way. That way clinicians and research staff can focus their energy on patients, not troubleshooting. I am proud to be a part of teams that push for better patient outcomes by solving medicine's big questions.

The place to Work

Since my very first project I have felt empowered to do my work an innovative way without micromanagement. Managers are there to support you and help form connections, not to look over your shoulder all the time. Roche Canada as a whole embodies this same concept of supporting us holistically: for example, - I attend daily online workout classes through the Roche. There are also many courses and unique learning opportunities such as an internal Toastmasters Club to improve leadership and public speaking skills.

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