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Meet Kristoph Klein-Panneton Evidence Generation Associate

What is your current position at Roche Canada?

I am currently an Evidence Generation Associate in Medical Affairs.

How is your job connected to “doing now what patients need next”?

Our role in Evidence Generation is to assess our portfolio therapy areas to identify gaps in evidence that are required for a variety of reasons. These could include reimbursement through Health Technology Assessment (HTA) bodies, providing clinical guidance, or improving the patient experience. Once we identify an evidence gap, we rely on our research methodology experts to identify appropriate solutions, which we are then responsible for implementing.

Within my role, my main responsibilities involve the project management and implementation of business processes across our research projects. This could require anything from working with our Legal team to set up contracts with vendors or researchers, to liaising with key internal and external stakeholders, or managing our internal resources and tools to ensure the success of our research. We rely on a diverse variety of research methodologies to bring meaningful impact to healthcare in Canada, and each method requires an agile approach to ensure we are conducting our research in an ethical and patient-focused manner.

In addition to real-world data research activities, I also support our investigator-initiated study (IIS) activities, and our compassionate use programs. Our IIS projects allow Roche to support investigators who have novel research ideas that involve our products, and we work diligently to enable them to create scientific evidence that will ultimately improve the lives of patients. With our compassionate use programs, and more specifically through Health Canada’s Special Access Programme, we are able to connect patients in need with Roche products not yet approved for commercial use in Canada. These programs generally involve a patient’s last hope with treatment, so we work diligently with our healthcare professionals and Global partners to approve the requests, and expedite shipment from Global supply to our Canadian depot, and then to the healthcare institution.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Some of my interests include reading science fiction, medical research, playing ultimate frisbee, video games and board games. My favourite movies are the Lord of the Rings trilogy, while my favourite book is The Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin.

My last vacation was a trip across Europe: Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, and Switzerland.

What can you tell us about your work environment at your location? Describe this for someone who is not in your area of expertise.

My work environment is liberating and inspiring. The head office in Mississauga feels like a vibrant community of highly talented and motivated individuals who genuinely care about patients in Canada. We have a flexible workspace, which means we can generally sit anywhere we want. You can work beside your team or with colleagues that you are collaborating with on projects. It empowers us to work cross-functionally, and creates a continuous learning environment.

Why did you decide to join Roche?

It was a combination of factors, but the most important one was the philosophy of doing now what patients will need in the future. Roche is committed to investing in long-term objectives that will take decades to develop, which is the kind of forward thinking needed to continue improving the Canadian healthcare ecosystem. Combined with its impressive active and planned product pipeline, and strategic acquisitions of real-world data companies such as Flatiron, it was an easy decision to join Roche. 

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