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Meet Amanpreet, Operations Associate

Tell us about yourself.

I am an energetic and motivated individual who enjoys dancing, loves having great conversations and spending time with my family and friends – who often say I am quite funny! Summer is my favourite time of the year because of all the sunlight.  

What is your current position at Roche Canada?

I am an Operations Associate for the Hemophilia Squad in Commercial Operations.  As an Operations Associate, it is my role to assist all squad members, more specifically the Medical Manager and the Product Manager, in implementing strategies that bring value to our stakeholders. We are known as the Catalyst that enables commercial continuity by improving efficiencies, strengthening relationships, and driving innovation.

Why did you decide to join Roche?

I decided to join Roche because of its reputable name, great impact in the healthcare space and transformation in the multiple disease communities. I found passion and connectivity amongst every single employee I met before I started my position and instantly felt inspired to join this amazing place for its emphasis on a great work culture.

Before my current role at Roche, I was a summer student for the Global Study Management department. In this role, I was introduced to many different educated and experienced individuals. Every person gave me a warm welcome, and quickly let me know that I am a Roche Employee and not just a “summer student”!

How would you describe the people working here?

Despite this being a large building, each employee walks down the hall and says ‘hi’ to everyone with a smile on his or her face, regardless of whether or not they know the individual personally. This really highlights the type of people Roche employs and the culture that is cultivated internally.

In my current role, I have reached out to others in the company to gain a better understanding of the organization itself and the industry. Everyone, from Associates to Managers and even Vice Presidents were more than willing to sit down to have a coffee chat with me. This really showed me that Roche values all its employees and loves to give back and mentor young minds. Through this networking in my summer student role, I was able to obtain my current role as an Operations Associate.

How would you describe Roche as an employer?

Roche as an employer promotes a healthy lifestyle with a good work-life balance. The in-house gym and multiple classes really help encourage employees to follow a healthy life style, along with the in-house café – the PHARM – which serves new and innovative healthy meal options for staff. Support and care are also shown in different ways through employee programs, benefits and the overall internal structure.

How do you demonstrate agility in your role? What does agility mean to you?

The internal structure that Roche follows is an agile mindset that encourages its employees to focus on one of six mindsets and behaviours. The six mindsets and behaviours include questioning and challenging, self-directed continuous learning, trusting and empowering, networked and collaborative, being pragmatic (80/20) and experimenting and risk taking. This structure allows for individuals at all walks of life and experience to have a chance to truly input what they feel can benefit the company. The adoption of the mindsets and behaviours creates a safe environment where innovation thrives.

An example of where I really felt this agile mindset in action was during my first few months as an Operations Associate in the Hemophilia Squad where I was encouraged to voice my opinion on a new way of working and my idea was taken into consideration and implemented soon after. I was also given the opportunity to work alongside experienced individuals and pilot the project.

What makes this a great place to work?

Overall, the culture, the way every person at Roche treats one another and our mission to help patients makes me beyond grateful to be a part of this organization.

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