Product Manager Central Lab

Italy, Lombardia, Monza

Please note: to complete your application for this job opportunity, read carefully the "Problem Statement" written below and provide a solution for it along with your resume and cover letter. Thank you.


In the Marketing Team, reporting to the Group Product Manager, you will responsible of the commercial success of a product portfolio in the field of Central Laboratory. As product Manager you will manage the product life cycle (pre-launch, launch, maturity and phase-out), define and implement the marketing plan, strategy and tactical plan for the assigned portfolio. You will also represent the Roche Italy in international sub-teams and task forces.
Role’s main responsibilities are:

  • Successfully lead in the matrix and collaborate with other colleagues in the marketing team, Business Area, and other functions (Medical, Service, Finance, Logistics…) in order to ensure effective/efficient business process and success
  • Develop and roll-out marketing materials, events and promotional campaigns, designing and developing promotion and sales aids (printed and electronic marketing materials, product training, …) in accordance with the annual marketing plan, liaising with external advertising agencies
  • Proactively collaborate with the Commercial team providing sales and competitive arguments and developing/conducting training activities on products, competition and strategy
  • Ensure that all products are properly forecasted; manage introduction / withdrawal / changes of products in the portfolio; and solve supply issues to minimize impact on customers
  • Undertake regular field visits, including key customers and opinion leaders, and give customer presentations on products in the assigned portfolio 

Problem Statement
Roche is launching in Italy a new Coagulation analyzer with best in class throughput and reduced hands-on activities for the lab staff. The market is estimated 100 million Euro; Roche is not present in this market and 3 competitors (companies A, B and C) have 70% of the market with the market leader (A) with almost 50% market share. You are the product manager responsible for this launch and the plan is to launch in September 2018. You are asked to present your launch plan (including strategy and tactical roadmap) to the Leadership Board (Directors of all the functions).

Business solution
Please prepare and send along with your resume and cover letter a short presentation to describe your launch plan. Consider which functions in the company you would need to involve and how to involve them to achieve a successful launch. You can choose the format you prefer for this presentation and keep it short (e.g. for a ppt: max 5 slides/answer limited to 300 words/etc).
Please note: If you are applying to this job please ensure that you submit a solution to the problem statement.