Sr Area Manager - KA

China, Liaoning, Shenyang

You will be responsible for area management including but not limited to: evaluating and developing market, executing sales executive and customer support, etc.

  • Commanding the knowledge of customer status and developing the target market. Following up responsible customers in one's own territory and optimizing the use of expenses budget;
  • Managing suitable distributor network in the area, setting annual sales target for appointed distributors, assisting and monitoring performance of Distributors to ensure yearly target is achieved. Leading distributors to deep dive and enhancing panel diversity in the market to drive a better portfolio;
  • Developing and maintaining customers, increasing in-market sales;
  • Observing competitors closely and cooperation with tendering team and following up the process in the area;
  • Engaging team to keep improving KOLs relationship in respective areas, Market data collection and site assessment for potential prospects. Providing insights and trend to regional managers on a regular basis;
  • Setting up and developing sales team in the area via training, coaching and delegation;
  • Working closely with central and region marketing team so as to exploit full marketing intelligence, Coordinating with CC and other support team in order to support sales effort.