12 month Internship - Internal Communications Copywriter

United Kingdom, England, Burgess Hill, West Sussex


Roving reporter for our “internal”news.

12 Month internship

Based: Burgess Hill, West Sussex

Are you looking for something a bit different?  

Doing something that you would not normally consider? Want to turn the status quo on its head and change the way our organisation thinks, perceives and engages with internal communications? Then read on…..

You will help determine the what, the how, the when and where we present exciting internal news stories. Where the WHY is about everything that we do for patients and the NHS……

Working within our organisation, which improves the lives of patients with the NHS through its innovative approaches and technologies, YOU will report on the stories about how our employees have been involved in making a real difference to both the NHS and patients.

We are looking for a brilliant, creative journalist to create and develop a totally new concept and approach to employee engagement within our organisation.

For someone who is bold enough to accept the challenge we offer you the Ideal opportunity to “write the book” to define “what” we do and “how” we do it.

A driven and motivated recent journalism graduate you will have the ability to produce concise stories from quite often technical and complex sources. Being able you see beyond the jargon, waffle, bravado and technical speak you will write short, sharp exciting news items by scouring the organisation and seeking out the stories that matter big and small….