Student Internship in Analytical Development Biochemistry (as soon as possible, 6 months)

Switzerland, Basel-Town, Basel

The Analytical Development Biochemistry group, located in Basel, is an integral component of how we innovate healthcare through the invention of differentiated medicines for treating diseases of current unmet medical need. This internship program integrates seamlessly into European-based University degree program and therefore we offer the most talented students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience with us.


During the internship your tasks will include:

  • Quantify and characterize of small molecules
  • Develop a mass spectroscopy (MS) based method for the characterization and quantification of free fatty acids in formulation samples
  • Optimize the sample preparation and the high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) separation conditions
  • Create an analysis method and a report template for an automated analysis with the MS software UNIFI
  • Document the performed experiments and developed methods comprehensively