Senior SW Requirements Engineer

España, Cataluña, Barcelona


The Senior SW Requirements Engineer creates, defines, designs and / or supports the creation of the requirements and specifications on the different levels and ensures consistency across different levels within development organization and in collaboration with LCT and regions, in cobas Infinity project following Roche SIS standards and procedures.

Main tasks and duties:
  • Support actively good spirit and collaboration within the team and the entire organization.
  • Based on the product requirements, define and document the software requirements of the software project.
  • Structure the software requirements into levels of different granularity down to the granularity that allows the software requirements to be implemented by software development.
  • Ensure that the software requirements are clear, complete, distinct and without contradictions.
  • Ensure the vertical traceability from the product requirements down to the most detailed level of software requirements.
  • Document the software requirements according to Roche requirement management guidelines.
  • Manage changes to software requirements according to Roche change management guidelines.
  • Resolve any requirement issue found by changing existing or adding new requirements.
  • Support the software project processes on any questions about software requirements.
  • Cooperate with project requirement management and all stakeholders within the software project.

Additional tasks, duties and responsibilities:

  • Support the Requirements Management Plan.
  • Ensure availability of milestone requirements deliverables.
  • Organize and facilitate requirements (prioritization) meetings in accordance with the Product Owner and Project Team.
  • Define requirement attributes and facilitate their use throughout the project.
  • Establish and implement effective requirements practices, including use and continuous improvement of a requirements process.
  • To permanently optimize processes to increase quality and efficiency standards.