Senior Research Associate, Cancer Immunotherapy (temporary, 10 months)

Switzerland, Zurich, Zurich

As a Research Asscociate, you will join the CIT-3 Department at Roche Innovation Center Zürich (Schlieren, Switzerland) and interact closely with a team of scientists working on novel classes of cancer immunotherapy agents. You will focus on performing in vitro biological assays to characterize the activity of new molecules.
The principal responsibilities will include:
  • Maintenance of in vitro cell cultures
    PBMC isolation
  • Supporting the work of senior scientists by performing in vitro assays based on tumor/immune cell cultures and co-cultures in 2D and 3D
  • Assessment of antibody binding, antibody-mediated tumor cell killing, T cell suppression, immune cell phenotyping, assessment of activation, proliferation and cytokine secretion
  • Routine quality controls of molecules and batches
  • Data analysis and interpretation, contribution to preparation of scientific presentations and writing of scientific reports
    Presentation of generated data packages in project team meetings
  • Laboratory manager responsibilities including daily lab routine, ordering supplies, monitoring inventory and contracts will also be required
The position is temporary for 10 month and intended to start on 01.03.2018 until 31.12.18.