Senior Pathologist

Switzerland, Zurich, Zurich

With Roche’s growing portfolio of novel biotherapeutic modalities we are looking for a highly motivated and experienced scientist in the area of preclinical Immunology within Pharmaceutical Sciences.


As the successful applicant you will:

  • Provide expert scientific guidance and pathology support for basic research and preclinical safety projects in oncology with a primary focus on large molecules and immunopathology
  • Look for new techniques/technology(ies) and external collaborations to optimize scientific support specifically in the area of immunopathology, oncology and inflammation
  • Provide expertise in IHC set up and interpretation
  • Member of (or coordinate with) interdisciplinary teams with discovery scientists, pharmacologists, biologists and other professionals with the goal of evaluation of animal models for efficacy screening, tissue target profiling, early toxicity screening for oncology lead candidate optimization and biomarker development. 
  • Provide expert support in pre-clinical development, namely toxicologic pathology which encompasses
    • Project-specific adaptation of the design of toxicologic studies according to the scientific state of the art and the relevant official guidelines
    • (Histo)pathologic evaluation of toxicologic studies according to the principles of GLP
    • Peer review of histopathologic evaluations performed by other pathologists (in-house and/or CROs)
    • Evaluation of clinical pathology data of toxicology studies
    • Pathology support for project teams in the selection and further development of clinical candidates
    • Interpreting of test results and reporting in appropriate form (Research Report, Regulatory Documentation, Publications, Presentations)
    • Monitoring of studies performed at contract laboratories
  • Be aware of and have access to key consultants and scientists in the field
  • Establish and maintain contacts to external opinion leaders to keep up with latest scientific developments