Senior Scientific Researcher, Molecular Biology, Genentech Research

United States, California, South San Francisco

We are seeking a Senior Scientific Researcher in the Department of Molecular Biology to assist with the development and optimization of our mRNA-based Personalized Cancer Vaccine platform. She/he will be responsible for the design, generation, and distribution of nucleic acid-based reagents to support pre-clinical efforts. She/he will also design and execute cell-based experiments to develop mechanistic insight into cancer vaccine function. Strongest consideration will be given to candidates with expertise in RNA biology, nucleic acid chemistry, in vitro synthesis and quality control of mRNA, and molecular cloning (PCR, expression plasmid design and manipulation, etc.). Ideal candidates may also have a firm understanding of gene editing, immunology, in vitro culture and manipulation of immune cells, laboratory automation (liquid handling), and/or molecular biology/data analysis software (SnapGene, Ape, DNAStar, Microsoft Excel macros, etc.).