Principal Deep Learning Engineer, Sequencing

United States, California, Santa Clara


Roche Sequencing Solutions is a fast moving, highly technical team of people with the ambitious goal of disrupting Next Generation DNA Sequencing. Our technology fuses active biological and solid state elements to bring single molecule based sequence detection to scale. Developing this unique platform requires expertise across a range of fields: Software Engineering, Data Science, Information Theory, Biophysics, Biology, Chemistry, Protein Engineering, Digital and Analog Circuit Design, and Electrochemistry, just to name a few.



Position Summary:


We are looking for a highly motivated Principal Deep Learning Engineer to join Roche Sequencing Solutions Santa Clara (formerly Genia Technologies), where we build nanopore, electronic DNA sequencers to enable cost-efficient and scalable genomic discovery. As a member of the deep learning team, your role will involve architecting and training models using terabytes of proprietary DNA sequencing data, towards the essential goal of “base calling” -- i.e. translating our raw voltage signal into DNA letters. Algorithmically, our neural-based techniques resemble cutting-edge speech recognition systems, but with unique challenges associated with modeling multi-scale dynamics over long time periods.


Our culture is very open and innovative, and due to the multidisciplinary nature of building a complex device, you will be collaborating with teams from a variety of fields, including Physics, Biochemistry, Electrical Engineering and Software Engineering.

Responsibilities Include:
  • Architect/develop/evaluate deep learning models.
  • Write clean and well-organized software (TensorFlow for modeling, Python for our cloud pipeline).
  • Improve our evolving deep learning pipeline and cloud infrastructure
  • Collaborate with bioinformatics, software engineering, and data science teams