SW Product Owner

Spain, Catalonia, Barcelona

The SW Product Owner creates, defines, designs and / or supports the creation of the requirements and specifications on the different levels and ensures consistency across different levels within development organization and in collaboration with LCT and regions, in cobas Infinity project following Roche SIS standards and procedures.
Main tasks and duties:
  • Provide domain knowledge to the Development Team on time in full alignment on the WHAT with the International Product Manager from WF&IT LCT
  • Support the creation of clear vision for a feature with the IPM and transmit it to the Development Team
  • Ensure that the definition of features meet the needs of the different RnD stakeholders
  • Define together with the Development Team the predefined feature (inclusive the acceptance/fit criteria) and the Definition of Ready (DoR) for the sprint
  • Ensures creation and refinement of CRQ, PRQ (defined by the Product Definition Team) into technical requirements and stories until they fulfill the Definition of Ready
  • Responsible for the acceptance criteria of each technical requirement and story
  • Include the RnD stakeholders as early as possible in the feedback process and, if needed, re-adapting the project sprint backlog
  • Accept or reject the work of the Development Team as soon as the technical requirement and story meets the DoD
  • Prioritization of project sprint backlog aligned with the Software Project Lead according to business priority
  • Full responsibility over the project sprint backlog (accountable is the IPM)
  • Accountable to trace CRQ’s to PRQ’s requirements
  • Accountable to trace technical requirements and stories to PRQ’s requirements
  • Single interface between IPM and the Development Team regarding domain content related to the project scope (IPM and/or PO may add SME’s where needed)
  • To raise potential conflicts or risks within the project
  • To work together with the Software Project Lead on a sprint & increment plan and deliver input for further deliverables
    Additional tasks, duties and responsibilities:
  • To permanently optimize processes to increase quality and efficiency standards