Senior Scientist, Ophthalmology

Switzerland, Basel-Town, Basel

The Neuroscience, Ophthalmology and Rare Diseases (NORD) Translational Area (DTA) of Roche Pharmaceutical Research & Early Development (pRED) has an opening for a Scientist within the Ophthalmology department located in Basel, Switzerland.  This group of Roche scientists is focused on the clinical translation of therapeutic approaches for eye diseases, including age related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and glaucoma.
We are seeking an exceptional, highly motivated, and talented Scientist to perform in vivo experiments testing novel drug candidates using established and emerging animal models of ocular diseases.  As a Scientist, you will interact closely with other scientists, postdoctoral fellows, and other associates, in a laboratory focused on the development of new therapeutics for ocular diseases using in vivo models. You will hold several of these primary responsibilities:
  • Perform animal procedures, including ocular (intravitreal, subconunctival, anterior chamber, subretinal, suprachoroidal) and intravenous injections, anesthesia, ocular surgeries (vitreous and aqueous sampling)
  • Perform in vivo retinal imaging of animal models under anesthesia using scanning laser ophthalmoscopy and/or optical coherence tomography (using Heidelberg Spectralis and/or Micron IV imaging systems)
  • Perform ocular and non-ocular tissue dissections with subsequent sample preparation for downstream analyses (histopathology, microscopy, proteomics, RNA-seq).
  • Isolate cells from animal models of eye disease, and maintain primary cell cultures and cell lines. 
  • Perform electroretinography (ERG) and optokinetic tracking (OKT) analysis of animal models of ocular disease