(Senior )Medical Science Liaison

China, Hubei, Wuhan

A field-based resource for TAEs and investigators delivering the scientific information at request, in accordance to local laws, regulations and codes, and Roche/GNE SOPs. Establish long-term, peer-to-peer relationships with TAEs and investigators in a given therapeutic field and deliver quality interactions and services that bring value to physicians, and that are aligned with Roche/GNE strategies. Contribute to and implement the tactical / field medical plans in collaboration with Medical Manager. Identify opportunities for collaborations between the company and the TAEs and investigators.



Development and execution of TAE engagement plan in line with medical strategy in order to support overall brand strategy.

  • Interacting with HCPs to understand their views, preferences and interests, in the assigned therapeutic area, and where Roche can partner with them to meet their needs where aligned with our strategies.
  • Providing medical expertise to customers, and customer insights to internal product teams.
  • Help profile physician practices, needs, preferences and views of new data.
  • Determine physician research interests and acquire their perspectives on competitive compounds / clinical studies.
  • Support the CMMs in the execution of national advisory boards.
  • Provide support to speakers on the development of materials.
  • Develop and execute the TAE engagement plan of assigned territory.



TAE management in the field via knowledge exchange and scientific support.

  • Respond to unsolicited questions from HCPs in accordance to local laws, regulations and codes and Roche/GNE SOPs, facilitate their needs of up to date scientific data, including but not limited to publications of clinical trials, guidelines, by ensuring they have the best quality available information they require.
  • Work with MM on the affiliate knowledge exchange strategy and execution, including preparation of presentations and scientific papers in their therapeutic area.
  • Deliver pipeline presentations to customers on request.



Support clinical trial programs.

  • Serving as the scientific bridge and point of contact with the investigator for ISTs (receiving ISTs, championing the review of ISTs within the company, and following-up with investigators, in accordance to all local laws and regulations).
  • Supporting sponsored study planning and execution including enhancing the site’s performance and quality (site feasibility assessments, site development plan, recruitment, retention of patients enrolled in trials and enhancement of site management).



Provide internal scientific support.

  • Provide therapeutic and scientific training support to internal staff.
  • With the MM, providing scientific support to Market Access colleagues during discussions with payers to provide the scientific information to support payers in their decisions on government or hospital formulary / guidelines / protocols, etc.
  • Provide information on site and investigator capabilities for gRED and pRED if needed.


Implementation of Roche SOP, GCP and local registration to ensure medical initiatives to comply to related SOP and regulations.

  • Understanding and acting in line with legal, regulatory and company standards and codes of practice (such as Roche/GNE Code of Conduct and any other directives, SOPs and guidelines).
  • Inform Local Safety Responsible of safety issues according to Roche/GNE safety SOPs; and provide scientific support and follow-up on product safety issues.