Scientist / Senior Scientist, High Throughput Mass Spectrometry

United States, California, South San Francisco

We have an opening for a talented Scientist or Senior Scientist to join our Biochemical and Cellular Pharmacology Department. The successful candidate will support small molecule drug discovery using mass spectrometry (MS). More specifically, the individual will lead the development, validation and execution of various MS assays to support lead-finding and optimization efforts in the context of multidisciplinary project teams. Responsibilities include designing, developing and implementing functional MS-based assays amenable for high throughput screening (HTS) and/or routine lead optimization characterization as well as quantitative pharmacodynamics biomarker assays to support in vitro and in vivo studies. The individual will be expected to lead the exploration and implementation of various innovative mass spec platforms compatible with in vitro pharmacology characterization and the corresponding data analysis workflows. In addition, the candidate will function as part of a multi-disciplinary project team that will coordinate with medicinal chemistry, DMPK, protein science, and in vitro and in vivo biology groups to advance lead molecules of the projects.