Senior Product Manager-Avastin CRC

China, Shanghai, Shanghai

As a senior product manager, you will achieve annual sales target, increase product market share, develop and manage TAEs and manage marketing budget according to phasing plan. Other key responsibilities are;


  • Understand developing trend of industry,disease area, with both of common sense & personal insight
  • Be fully aware of product feature & benefits and be an expert in treatment area
  • Develop brand strategy and tactics in target market with the team
  • Carry out marketing promotional activities with high quality
  • Design and perform market research to measure & track implementation status of marketing plan, and provide
  • feedback and adjustment advice
  • Manage internal & external key customers and maintain good relationship
  • Provide product & strategy training to sales & other function teams
  • Collaborate with other functions & affiliates and involve in GA, FA ,MA, SP and SFE issues
  • Develop marketing promotional material