P&C Business Partner

China, Shanghai, Shanghai

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Business Acumen

  • Aligns P&C strategy, goals, and objectives to overall business strategies and objectives; translates P&C strategies to drive key business results; provides guidance on talent management, workforce strategies, organization design and reward and recognition in partnership with Business Partners (Enterprise), other Chapters and subject-matter experts to develop high quality solutions
  • Maintains broad-based knowledge of multiple leadership areas across the organization and its operations; uses knowledge of business and P&C insights, metrics, expertise, and decision principles to effectively diagnose topics with a wide range of complexity
  • Recommends business practice/work process improvements to identify opportunities for leveraging human capital; ensures all P&C initiatives have ROI that adds to organizational value
  • Maintains knowledge of external environment and other related information on peer and comparison groups to effectively diagnose and implement strategies to help drive business decisions


  • Strategic sparring partner and coach for fostering VACC leadership and a leadership culture in line with the Roche leadership frame.
  • Translates the business vision, mission, and strategy along with the 10 year ambition and P&C Aspirational Goals into projects and initiatives with milestones and delivery schedules; leads or participates in WPTs/squads to effectively meet planned objectives; develops clear action plans with results-oriented goals for measuring success; drives alignment and buy-in within multiple leadership areas as part of a network
  • Diagnoses P&C needs and identifies interventions that address issues of retention, change leadership, employee engagement, and leadership development, partnering with Enterprise Business Partners, WPTs/squads and other P&C Chapters as appropriate; uses appropriate tools for leadership competency and skills assessment
  • Drives and implements change with proven ability to influence business leaders and P&C professionals to required outcomes
  • Influences, develops, mentors and provides VACC leadership to networks and WPTs/squads in partnering with Advisory Business Partners.

Strategic P&C Insights & Innovation

  • Gathers and analyzes internal and external data, evidence-based research, benchmarks, P&C and business metrics to make critical decisions; shares insights with leaders and recommends innovative solutions based on the P&C decision principles that support the culture, strategic direction and resources
  • Diagnoses root causes of work environment issues, disruptive team dynamics and ineffective organizational setups; initiates interventions and shapes solutions in collaboration and co-creation with key stakeholders across multiple leadership areas

Qualifications & Experience

  • Demonstrated passion and drive to shape People & Culture across large and diverse parts of our business areas and/or business areas in previous companies
  • Demonstrated passion for and role-modeling of VACC leadership, with proven ability to lead with a creative mindset, very high self-awareness and for acting as a coach and mentor for other leaders and professionals
  • Demonstrated passion for and focus on building a diverse and inclusive work culture, fostering psychological safety and a strong sense of belonging with a strong understanding of how each employee contributes with the highest impact possible to the Roche purpose and 10 year ambitions
  • Demonstrated enterprise mindset and system thinking, proven ability to work effectively across multiple leadership areas, global teams and networks in a fast paced VUCA environment
  • Demonstrated ability to navigate the P&C system, leverage different Chapters for business impact and form WPTs/squads to deliver on business and P&C strategies
  • Demonstrated ability and experience in effectively diagnosing short to mid-term P&C needs, and shaping and leading large scale global initiatives to address them
  • Demonstrated ability to influence with courageous authenticity and build trust with individuals at all levels within the organization
  • Demonstrated excellent situational assessment and objective evaluation skills, with an ability to comprehend and translate complex topics into manageable pieces, to then position the topics with strong communication and group facilitation capabilities
  • Demonstrated ability to leverage technology and data to generate insights as foundation for diagnosis, recommendations and decisions.
  • Demonstrated passion and ability to leverage digital tools for collaboration, co-creation and sharing across the system